Tuesday, April 29, 2008

neighborhood cats 20


tres_arboles said...

Cute and funny in a way.

How about a series of OB shop fronts? The Black, Winstons (still there?), Dago Choppers. Gotta record all the OB goods.

I wish I had thought about that back during my residence there. Things gone since include Canyon Surf and a few of the grimier little bars. Too bad about Canyon, too, because I heard the owner of the brand sold it to pop-out surf board builders in China.

Take 'er easy Brent. Hope those aches and pains aren't keeping you down.


Brent McD. said...

thanks for the encouragement. yeah, i know i won't live here forever, so that's part of the reason for doing this. wish i would have taken photos of some storefronts a long time ago too. i miss canyon (now the green room). winstons and the black are still there. dago is long gone, and i can't figure out exactly what is there now; it looks like some rich guy's garage -- full of interesting old cars.

it's weird when dago burned down (apparently the owner didn't have insurance?), it seemed like much of the sketchy denizens of the "war zone" gradually left the area too. several years ago, i talked with this woman from san francisco who bought 2 or 3 apartment complexes along abbot, kicked out all the tenants, renovated them, and now charges higher rent. i guess it's all good for families and businesses in the area, but some of the funkiness has been lost over the years....

btw, i did some storefronts, including the black, back in mid-march. more to come in the near future; stay tuned...!